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Black Dog Pack

Big Dog Package

How to choose a size

I'm the tough guy... I'll take care of you while you take care of your dog. Let me take the weight off your shoulders.

Be the calm, confident leader you've always wanted to be with your big dog & our POWER PACK! Say goodbye to the sore shoulder and aching hands caused by a big strong dog that pulls on the lead. The addition of the Ninja Belt gives you an extremely strong base and allows you to take any pull through your whole body where you're strongest.


Your BIG DOG package includes:

THE PACK: This is what you wear.

THE LEAD: This is what your dog wears clipped to his collar then clipped to THE PACK.

THE NINJA BELT: This is what you wear around your waist clipped to THE PACK.



Pack: Regular Size: adjustable between *138cm & 165cm.

          Short Size: adjustable between * 123cm & 138cm.

Phone pocket: width up to 10cm, depth 14cm, plastic snap closure to protect your phone.

Small pocket: fits 4 rolls of standard poop bags (approx 60 bags).

Large pocket: width expands to 28cm, length 28cm, carabiner hook inside for your keys.

Black Leash: adjustable between 85cm & 130cm including metal snap hooks & handle.

Metal parts: welded O-ring, welded D-ring.

Ninja Belt of Stability: Regular Size: adjustable between *90cm & 135cm including metal snap hooks & O-ring.

                                   Short Size: adjustable between * 74cm & 103cm including metal snap hooks & O-ring.

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