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Will Dog Pack work for my big pulling dog?
Absolutely! The Dog Pack works better than an ordinary leash because you are using the strength of your entire body and not just your arm. You don't need to be a body builder to be able to control a big strong dog on the leash... By dropping your center of gravity and taking the pressure through your body, you are now stronger than your dog and can control him with your weight alone.


Like the seat belt in a car, the 3 point system you get with our Big Dog Package distributes pressure through your whole body and lowers your center of gravity. With your hand no longer sending confusing messages via the Lead, any corrections you do make are clear. 


Is Dog Pack strong enough for my dog?

The Dog Pack is made with extremely strong materials including webbing and welded metal parts. The webbing runs through the entire Dog Pack (not just stitched onto it) and will not detach. In fact, our webbing is stronger than the stuff they use for horse gear. I am absolutely committed to quality in all Dog Pack products and have personally sourced materials and oversee production.


Do I need the Ninja Belt?

It depends on your dog.

If you have a smaller dog or your big dog simply doesn't pull when on the leash, you probably don't need the extra stability the Ninja Belt provides.

If your dog pulls often or has a habit of lunging when excited, then the Ninja Belt is for you. It stops the attachment point from riding up and creates the 3 point system of strength like that of a car seat belt.

Ninja Belt also gives you an extra O-ring you can clip other things and other dogs to.


How does the Dog Pack reduce pulling?

Because you walk naturally when walking with the Dog Pack, your dog needs to pay attention to what YOU are doing. Because you only touch the lead when you need to correct your dog, there are no misunderstandings or over-correction. We unintentionally give mixed signals when we hold a lead in our hand. Once the Dog Pack Lead length is set, it stays that length and your dog understands how far away from you he can be.


How do I walk more than 1 dog with Dog Pack?

All you need to do is add an extra Lead! By using a Dog Pack Lead, you can have each dog walk at a different length. Dogs will find the position they like to walk naturally. In my pack of 4 dogs, 2 like to be in front and the other 2 like to dawdle, so they each have their place at my side. They can walk on the same side of your body or when used with the Ninja Belt, you can have a dog walk on either side of you. The same rule applies that they should never cross in front of you.